Download Lire

1  Download Sources

LogReport's Lire Software is available for download here. The file current.tar.gz always point to the current stable tarball. We also offer a browsable untarred package.

2  Requirements

Some software is required for Lire to operate. The details are explained in the INSTALL file, as well as in the chapter on Installing Lire in the Lire User Manual.

Lire should run on any UNIX platform with a recent version of Perl. A more detailed list of supported platforms is available from the Lire User Manual.

3  Binaries

3.1  Debian

Lire is shipped with Debian since the 3.0 woody release, which was published July 19, 2002. Debian GNU/Linux users should just use their favourite APT archive.

3.2  Ubuntu

Lire is shipped with Ubuntu since the 4.10 warty release, which was published October 2004. Ubuntu Linux users can grab Lire via the Universe component.

3.3  RPM Packages

Users of Fedora Core 4 and later can find RPMS for that distribution here. Along RPMS for Lire, you'll find RPMs for the needed dependencies that aren't available in the base distributions. Refer to the LogReport RPM README file for more details.

3.4  Other RPM-based distributions

If you are using another RPM-based distribution, you'll have various degrees of success on using the provided RPMS: it all depends on how similar to one of the already supported distribution your system is. Don't hesitate to contact us on our support mailing list (questions(a) to provide feedback on how these RPMS work on your favorite distribution.

You can also try to download the source RPMS and rebuild it for your platform using rpmbuild. Reports any changes required to make it work on your platform to questions(a)

3.5  BSD Ports

Thanks to Edwin Groothuis, Lire is in the FreeBSD ports collection. Get it from your favourite mirror. You can get Edwin's bleeding edge work by peeking at CVS.

Thanks to Peter Bex, Lire is in pkgsrc-wip. So if you're running NetBSD or DragonFly, you'll have no problems getting Lire installed and running: check out the Lire page on pkgsrc-wip. One day, this Lire port might show up on the "real" pkgsrc.

We are not aware of Lire ports for other BSD's. If you know about one, please tell us!

4  CVS

You can get the very latest sources through anonymous CVS access at SourceForge (use module 'service').

You can get the main branch by doing:

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous(a) login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous(a) \
  co -P service

Additionally, you can browse the CVS tree at the SourceForge website if you just want to have a look at the code.

Now and then, a cvs snapshot is made for the convenience of our users. These snapshots are available: here.

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