As any good system administrator knows, there's a lot more to keep track of in an active network than just webservers. Lire is hands down the most versatile log analysis software available today. Lire not only keeps you informed about your HTTP, FTP, and mail traffic, it also reports on your firewalls, your print servers, and your DNS activity. The ever growing list of Lire-supported services clearly outstrips any other software, in large part thanks to the numerous volunteers who have pioneered many new services and features. Lire is a total solution for your log analysis needs.

Best of all, Lire is GPL'ed Free Software (and Open Source), built around the idea of extendibility. Its xml-driven reporting engine can theoretically parse any kind of log, given that a service driver is written to convert the raw log into a Lire DLF (Distilled Log Format) file. This means that Lire is also a long-term solution: as new network services come into vogue, Lire will be there to parse and distill their activity for you.

To make use of Lire, you can download the latest release. If you're interested in helping to improve Lire's list of services (or otherwise want to collaborate) head on over to the Developers section.

See the section on Supported Applications in the Lire User's Manual for the list of logs currently supported by Lire.

See the section on Supported Output Formats for the kind of stuff Lire can generate for you.

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